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Calling All Louisiana Musicians: Join the Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange

Are you a Louisiana musician who records original music? Are you looking for ways to get your music used in film and TV productions? Do you want more festival gigs?  Then join the Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange – a free service of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation.

Now more than ever, movies and TV shows are filming on location in Louisiana, thanks in large part to the state’s tax incentives to lure them here. They get tax credits based on how much they spend in the state. The more they spend, the more money they get back.  So why don’t they spend more of their money licensing music by our local artists for their scores and soundtracks? Because they don’t know where to look.

The Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange – a free service of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation – is one way to help solve that problem. It’s a searchable, online database of Louisiana music in every conceivable genre. We built it with the needs of music supervisors – the people who choose the music for films, TV shows, commercials and videogames – in mind. They can easily search for music by genre, or by mood, tempo, key signature – whatever it takes to help them find just the right sound to go along with, say, a car chase or a love scene. They can easily sample lots of music, and even save playlists for future reference. Once they zero in on a track they like, they can contact the artist (or the artist’s label or publisher) with one click using the site’s internal messaging system.

Likewise, festival talent buyers – the people who book bands to perform at events around the world – can look for bands by style, or even by tour date. A buyer in, say, Australia, can easily search to see if any Louisiana artists are touring in their part of the world, and possibly offer them gigs.

If you’re a Louisiana musician and you’re not already on the Talent Exchange, please join today. It’s quick and easy – about the same as setting up a Facebook or MySpace page. And it’s free. If you get a gig or a song placed in a movie, we don’t take a cut. There’s just one catch: Because of copyright restrictions, we only accept original music. No cover songs, please.

If you are a music supervisor or a talent buyer for festival or concert engagements, please take a moment to create a free user account on the Talent Exchange. Don’t worry – we don’t publish your contact information, and there’s no way for artists to contact you from the site. So you won’t be bombarded with unsolicited talent submissions.

Questions? Contact the Jazz & Heritage Talent Exchange administrators by emailing: [email protected]