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Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association Looking for Testimonials

The Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association (LFEA) will testify on behalf of the industry during the Revenue Study Commission on December 10, 2012 at the Louisiana State Capitol to discuss how the Louisiana Entertainment Tax Credit has helped create and sustain the entertainment industry in Louisiana.


LFEA’s time in front of the legislature will be brief, but it is important that the presentation is impactful. In order to create the greatest impact, we are asking LFEA members to please submit testimonials to the LFEA office. Please submit testimonials to [email protected] by December 4, 2012.

Testimonials need to include the following:

1. Background information on who you are and what you do

2. Information on how the industry has affected you or your company.

3. Your business or personal address.

4. If it is a company letter please put it on company letterhead.

We plan to submit the testimonials to the committee for the review. As always, we appreciate your support and assistance.