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Casting Call: Looking for a Family

An independent production company in the UK, called Me & You Productions is  making a five-part documentary series for Sky 1 in the UK, on life’s bigger questions with a British presenter called Karl Pilkington. Each program will deal with a specific topic, such as happiness, marriage and family. 

One of the programs will be dedicated to Family and having children.

Our presenter will be traveling the world meeting different people and cultures, which all have different views on family and having children. For the final part of the show we would like our presenter to experience first hand what it’s like to look after children on his own. 

PLEASE NOTE: Initially we are looking to speak to parents who have three or more children and live in rural areas in the states of Louisiana. This is NOT a reality show. We are looking for genuine people – rather than actors – for this role. 

Our deadline is Friday, February 15th! If interested, please email – [email protected]