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Take Five: Inside Esplanade Studios

While local film production has exploded and Hollywood has infiltrated the city, post-production, specifically sound production, has lagged. But there’s a new facility in town, which is now the largest recording studio in the state. This may change the game when it comes to audio for big time film projects.

The first thing you notice after entering the control room at Esplanade Studios is the mixing board. Thousands of dials, buttons, and gauges line a surface about the size of a canoe. And not surprisingly, this board has some history. The Trident TSM console, built in the 1970’s, once resided at A and M Studios in Los Angeles and PrairieSound Recording in the Bay Area, and was used to record artists like Barbara Streisand, The Police, Tom Waits and the best selling single of all-time, ‘We are The World’.

Misha Kachkachishvili,  owner and chief engineer of Esplanade Studios, is excited to own this equipment. ‘So this board has seen lots of great music and it’ll see again, hopefully more.’

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