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Key Rigging Grip

Jim Pierce’s Computer Service

Jim Pierce Jr.

Phone: 985.255.0085
Email: [email protected]

I am A 107 Pilot ready to


    • Credit: Discovery Channel
    • Type: Documentary
    • Position: V

TFH (Television/Film Hair) Academy

Dana Boisseau

4607 Bienville St.
New Orleans, LA 70119

Phone: 5046101466
Email: TFH [email protected]

We are the first Movie Hair School of the Southern region. We specialize in training Hairstylist, barbers and Makeup artists the techniques and skills needed to work on a Movie set. We teach everything from Movie Vintage Hairstyling, Special Effects, Dept Head training, Set and trailer Etiquette , Director interviewing and also Movie Internships!


    • Credit: Tales from the Hood
    • Type: Feature
    • Position: Dept Head Hair
    • Credit: The Underground
    • Type: Television Series
    • Position: Key Hair
    • Credit: The Butler
    • Type: Feature
    • Position: Personal Lenny Kravits Hairstylist
    • Credit: Mudbound
    • Type: Feature
    • Position: Key Hair