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Video Assist / Video Playback

Freelance 2nd AC and Video Camera Operator

Gregory Washington

109 Cottage Grove Street
Laplace, LA 70068

Phone: 2137397944
Cell: 3237102664
Email: [email protected]


    • Credit: Various low budget features
    • Type: Feature
    • Position: 2nd AC Film Loader
    • Credit: High Incident
    • Type: Television Series
    • Position: 2nd AC 2nd Unit
    • Credit: The Stray
    • Type: Movie of the Week
    • Position: 2nd AC Film Loader
    • Credit: South West Video Productions
    • Type: Music Video
    • Position: Video Camera Operator
    • Credit: Celebrity Profile
    • Type: Television Series
    • Position: Video Camera OperatorDirector
    • Credit: KABC-TV-News Dept.
    • Type: Photography Shoot
    • Position: ENGEFG Video Camera Operator