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Guide To Film Production

Our long history of film-making means that the local community understands that film plays an important role in our economy. Film New Orleans works closely with the community and established neighborhood associations to accommodate productions doing business in our city. Please understand that these guidelines provide for filming activity in Orleans Parish only. Other parishes and surrounding jurisdictions may have other requests.

To foster an environment of cooperation, Film New Orleans works closely with each project. Productions are responsible for communicating with the City departments, residents and businesses to ensure the public is aware of “NO PARKING” requests, street closures, special effects and any other activity in close proximity.

Film New Orleans requires a copy of these guidelines to be distributed to production personnel, signed by the Producer, Location Manager, and Transportation Captain and returned to FNO in advance of any scheduled production activity in Orleans Parish to issue a film certificate. Failure to comply with the following directives may result in fines or the revocation of your film certificate once issued.

Download a copy of the Guide to Film Production in New Orleans.