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City Hall Production Meeting

All low, medium and high impact filming projects may be required to participate in a City Hall Production Meeting. This meeting is an opportunity for your production to engage in a one-on-one consulting session with City of New Orleans Agencies to troubleshoot any logistical issues that may arise. At this meeting your Location Manager will present a production packet containing your location schedule and any “NO PARKING” or street closure requests. Community notification procedures will also be discussed after public impact is assessed.

Agencies present:

  • Film New Orleans
  • Law Enforcement
  • Traffic Engineering (Department of Public Works)
  • City Council District Office Representatives
  • EMS and Fire (if stunt activity/pyrotechnics are planned)
  • Parks and Parkways (if activity is planned)
  • Any other applicable City office

What the Production Packet should include:

  1. Overall calendar for the duration of your shoot detailing location and physical address for each day. (Film New Orleans is principally concerned with activity to take place in Orleans Parish, but should you be shooting outside the parish please note this on the calendar).
  2. A detailed schematic for each location in Orleans Parish should include:
    • Symbol identifying each location
    • Name of location
    • Physical address of location
    • Whether you are filming interior, exterior, or both
    • The location of your base camp and crew parking
    • Times of Activity
    • Arrival of trucks, call time, filming time, departure of trucks
    • Special requests – Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC) or street closure
    • Parking Requests (Streets and block numbers should be clearly marked. Please note one-way streets)
      • Areas requested “Cleared for shot” should be marked with a line of “ooooo”
      • Areas requested for the parking of essential vehicles should be marked with a line of “xxxxx”
      • A list of block numbers/meters being requested should also appear at the top of the map

At the conclusion of the City Hall production meeting, in accordance with approval of proposed activity, a film certificate will be given once it is determined that the (1) proposed activities will not unduly disrupt neighboring residents and/or businesses, (2) certificate of insurance is on file and (3) the office has received a signed copy of the film guidelines.