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Neighborhood Filming Info

It is imperative that we keep New Orleans film friendly. To ensure this, Film New Orleans goes above and beyond to strike a balance between production activity and quality of life for residents. We believe open and advance communication is key to this success.

Our long history of film making means the local community understands that film plays an important role in our local economy and works closely with FNO to accommodate productions doing business in our city. In order to foster an environment of cooperation and synergy, FNO works closely with location teams to ensure the public is aware of “No Parking” requests, street closures, special effects and other production activity that will affect their daily lives.

For High Impact Activity FNO may require additional outreach which may be determined at the City Hall Production Meeting.

Neighborhood Policies

Advance notification of your production must be distributed throughout the production area via fliers/letters. For more information on what is required, please visit our Neighborhood Notification page.

Only essential equipment and working vehicles can be parked on location. All other vehicles including crew and extra vehicles (unless picture cars) must be parked off site in a production company secured parking site (base camp). ALL trucks over 31 feet must be parked in base camp unless previously cleared with FNO.

  • Production vehicles must obey all parking restriction laws in accordance with (M.C. Sec 154-923) as to not impede safe lines of vision at intersections and to maintain a fire lane for emergency personnel and vehicles. This includes the blocking fire hydrants, driveways, or other access ramps unless authorized by the property owner. Please see the Parking Restrictions.
  • Special Effects that may cause concern (sirens, stunts, gunshots, speeding cars, controlled fire, smoke, flashing lights, or other loud noises) must be cleared in advance with Film New Orleans, Law Enforcement, NOFD (New Orleans Fire Department), and other pertinent City agencies. Information regarding such activity must be included on the notification flyer to residents and businesses.
  • No working trucks are permitted to enter a neighborhood before 5am without prior consent from Film New Orleans.
  • Some neighborhood associations have additional considerations of productions. Please inquire with Film New Orleans for details on the neighborhoods affected.

During the Shoot…

  • Film New Orleans expects the production to find speedy resolution with neighborhood complaints. If necessary, the Film New Orleans will intercede.
  • Location Departments and PAs should be sensitive to neighborhood needs while holding permitted parking in advance. Do not block shop entrances, buildings, or driveways. Should you need access to a particular property, contact the property owner for permission.
  • It is important to be “good neighbors.” Remind crews to speak courteously to the public and remember your set is someone’s home, business or neighborhood. Special effort should be made to reach out to property owners immediately adjacent to any specific location. Do your best to ensure that future productions are welcomed back.
  • Do not reserve parking on city streets in excess of your permitted production needs. Release all street parking promptly upon termination of use and un-bag the meter heads in a timely fashion. Meter bags should be returned to the Meter Department. A Meter Bag key may be made available to productions on a case-by-case basis based on certain criteria.

After the Shoot…

  • Garbage and trash should be disposed of daily and should not be left on the streets for regular city pick up.
  • All posted production signage including “NO PARKING” and location directional signs should be removed as soon as no longer needed.

Any alterations to the street scape, landscape and environment should be removed within in a reasonable time frame and the site restored to its original condition at the close of each particular location. assessed at the City Hall Production Meeting.

Film New Orleans is ready and willing to assist your project in securing the support and cooperation of the local community.