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Neighborhood Notification

Advance notification of the planned activity must be communicated through fliers distributed in the impacted area to inform residents and businesses of your activity. The fliers are the primary notification for residents and must be distributed 72 to 48 hours prior to your activity. Distribution of the fliers in a “T” pattern must extend in all directions from the key location and those impacted by the parking footprint.

Notification is especially important for multi-family residences or businesses with residential property located above them. If you are unsure of residential dwellings above a business, please inquire with the business owner.

Notifications may be on production letterhead or, if the production chooses to remain anonymous, the provided alias may be used. Fliers must include the following information:

  • Production Identification (name or alias)
  • Accurate date and times of filming
  • Blocks affected by “no parking” restrictions including prep, film and wrap days
  • Description of filming activities including specifics regarding lights, noise or special effects
  • Local production office number, production cell, and/or location manager’s cell number
  • Contact information for Film New Orleans

Download a Sample Notification Flyer

Prior to distribution, please send a copy of the flyer to Carroll Morton.

The film office will then assist you in secondary notification by electronically distributing your fliers to the affected neighborhoods, merchants and/or neighborhood associations.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional meetings, consideration and/or outreach may be required for High Impact Activity as deemed necessary at the City Hall Production Meeting by Film New Orleans or as requested by the Film New Orleans Director.