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Parking & Street Closures

All parking and street closure requests must be evaluated by Film New Orleans. Please contact the Film Office at 504-658-4341.

All street and lane closures must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Traffic Engineering within The Department of Public Works (DPW) in advance. All closures must adhere to Traffic Engineering’s requirements for appropriate signage and detour plan to ensure the safety of the public and your company personnel. A Filming Certificate and coordination with Film New Orleans is required before closure/parking applications will be approved by the DPW.

As a general rule, ITC and street closures are not granted during the morning and evening “rush” hours (7am – 9am and 4pm – 6pm) or during schools’ openings and closings on streets that experience traffic congestion during those times. Exceptions may be requested in advance with the DPW and Film New Orleans and considered on a case-by-case basis.

Parking should be restricted to one side of the street in certain residential areas determined by Film New Orleans. This is to ensure that a fire lane is maintained at all times. Exceptions can be granted in some cases by City agencies.

Sidewalk parking is strictly prohibited as many surfaces are of brick, cobblestone and flagstone and easily damaged. You may be ticketed for this offense.

All parking and street closure permits must be obtained in sufficient time to allow for a required 24 hours advance posting of “NO PARKING” signs before any company vehicles can be parked on City streets. Should you not have a 24-hour prior posting period, vehicles MUST park in existing available parking. All parking must meet the legal parking requirements of the City of New Orleans noted in the parking restrictions.

  • Posting and immediate removal of “NO PARKING” signs is the responsibility of the production company. Signs can be purchased from a private company.
  • All “NO PARKING” signs must indicate the date, and hours included in the parking restrictions.

A fire lane must be maintained (13.5 feet) at all times for the movement of emergency vehicles unless previously cleared with the New Orleans Fire Department and by Traffic Engineering in conjunction with a street closure. .

Special Requests or Film New Orleans conditions may be attached to a requested parking permit to ensure minimal danger to the health and safety of persons, undue disruption to neighboring residents and/or businesses and traffic congestion. Such requests and conditions will be reviewed at the City Hall Production Meeting by all parties and assessed on a case-by-case basis. No requests or conditions will be unreasonable in scope and are intended to ensure safety.

An Important note about Rain Cover Sets:
In the event of rain on a scheduled exterior shoot, cover sets must meet the above guidelines and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. In particular, should you not have a 24-hour prior posting period, vehicles MUST park in existing available parking. All parking must meet the legal parking requirements of the City of New Orleans as noted in the parking restrictions.

Department of Public Works – Traffic Engineering

Street Closure Permit Fee

Authority: Section 146-583 of the City Code
$40.00 Application Fee

  • French Quarter: $615.00 per block closed
  • Canal Street: $615.00 per block closed
  • Central Business District: $310.00 per block closed
  • All others: $90.00 per block closed

Construction Zone Permit Fee

Authority: Section 146-314 of the City Code
$40.00 Application Fee
$90.00 Inspection Fee

Calculated by square footage and duration of area closed. (See chart below)

Construction Zone Permit Fee Schedule

Length (Calendar Days) Up to 800 sq. ft. 801 sq. ft. to 1600 sq. ft. Over 1600 sq. ft.
1-7 $60.00 $125.00 $245.00
8-30 $125.00 $185.00 $370.00
31-90 $185.00 $245.00 $495.00
91-180 $370.00 $495.00 $740.00
181-270 $615.00 $740.00 $985.00
270-365 $740.00 $985.00 $1,235.00