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    Adding your name or business to the Film New Orleans database is the easiest way to connect to the film industry.

  • FAQ

    Does Film New Orleans produce movies?

    No. Film New Orleans is not involved in financing in any way.

    I’m a local independent filmmaker. Can your office help me get my …

  • Training & Education

    Delgado Community College

    Delgado Community College offers a versatile program in Film and Video Production offering a Diploma Program (one year or more depending upon the focus of your study) …

  • I Want to Be an Extra

    Film New Orleans is a city agency and does not do any casting–extras or principle. Please do not send photos or resumes to the office, we do not keep them …

  • Getting Started in the Industry

    One of the most difficult things about breaking in to the film industry is securing your first job. Whether you are talent looking for your big break, a crew member …

  • Filmed in New Orleans

    The history of film in New Orleans film is rich and extensive. Take a look at our filmography for a full listing of past projects or see the current listings …