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Neighborhood Filming FAQ

Where do I go to voice my concerns over filming?

Every film has a Locations Department whose specific job is to be the liaison (the “go-between”) between the film production and the community. So, if you are a citizen or local business with concerns about a production shooting in your immediate vicinity:

  1. The first place you go is the Locations Manager. If the film is still shooting close by, find a crew member with a radio and politely and calmly ask them to radio for someone in Locations. Please keep in mind that Locations people are people too, and will probably respond in the same manner you approach them. Even if it is a matter of safety or legality, the Locations department will always be in close contact with Security or Police Officers.

  2. Additionally, you may call or contact Film New Orleans  by email at [email protected] or by phone at 504.658.4341. If you contact our office and have not yet spoken with the Locations Manager, we will put you in touch with him or her. If you have already spoken with the Locations Manager, we will be happy to speak with you.

If you are concerned about filming in your area in general (not a specific issue), then please contact your local Neighborhood Association, City Council Office or other appropriate community organization. We are in regular contact with MANY local neighborhood and professional organizations, and regularly email notifications to these entities when their constituents are affected. If your organization would like to be notified, have your representative call or email our office at [email protected] or 504.658.4341.

How can I avoid being stuck in traffic because of film?

We disseminate film-related street closures and other film activity affecting traffic to the Times-Picayune and to local print and radio sources on a weekly basis.

How will I know when a production will be shooting in my neighborhood?

Productions will post NO PARKING signs as early as possible (usually within 24-48 hours) and flier the immediate neighborhood (usually within 48-72 hours) in advance of their shoots to notify the local area.

Will I still be able to get to my residence/work/local businesses if a movie is shooting near by?

Absolutely. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow is maintained at all times, and a law enforcement officer is assigned to many exterior shoots. Occasionally, you may be asked to pause for a few moments during the taping of a scene. Enjoy the show. Your patience and cooperation is much appreciated.

When productions shoot in my neighborhood, why do they take up parking spots?

Public streets are paid for and shared by all New Orleanians, including the production industry. Which contributes millions of dollars to our local economy on an annual basis and employs thousands of New Orleanians. Film New Orleans understands that a temporary loss of parking poses an inconvenience to residents and merchants. The office strictly limits the amount of parking productions to essential working vehicles and requires crew cars to park in a base camp off residential streets. The office also sends field representatives to shoots to monitor production footprints. In addition, law enforcement officers assigned to the set from the Movie/TV unit are on hand to ensure a production’s parking is in compliance with its permit. If you have a specific need/concern, we encourage you to contact the production directly via the numbers supplied on the flier and communicate in a calm and respectful manner the issue.

Why was my car relocated to another street?

Production companies flier the neighborhoods in which they work containing the dates and times that they will require temporary parking for production vehicles on City streets. Vehicles that are not moved by the times stated on the signs, are relocated to the nearest available legal parking spot on the street. Any costs incurred by this program are paid for by the production. For your convenience, the production company keeps a log listing the locations of any relocated vehicle. Additionally, a copy of this log is furnished to your local precinct. If you require further assistance locating your vehicle, or are unsuccessful with the production you can contact Film New Orleans at 504-658-4341.