Film New Orleans

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Foe Paw Feature Film Foe Paw Productions 2018
The Stand In Feature Film Awesomeness Films 2018
Semper Fi Feature Film Rumble Films 2018
VH1 Black Ink TV Series Big Fish Entertainment 2018
Think Like a Dog Feature Film TLAD Productions 2018
Pitbulls & Parolees Season 10 TV Series Animal Planet 2018
Zero Zero Zero TV Series Amazon/Sky Network 2018
Fonzo Feature Film Bron Studios 2018
The Purge: TV Series TV Series Blumhouse Television 2018
For Love Pilot TV Pilot ABC Studios 2018
Darkest Dark Feature Film Annapurna Productions 2018
Queen Sugar Season 3 TV Series Harpo Productions 2018
Preacher Season 3 TV Series AMC 2018
Troupe Zero Feature Film Big Indie Troupe Zero, LLC 2018
Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1 TV Series TNT 2018
Five Feet Apart Feature Film Granville LA, LLC 2018
The Dirt Feature Film LBI Entertainment 2018
Highwaymen Feature Film Netflix 2018
Eli Feature Film Intrepid Pictures 2018
Claws Season 2 TV Series TNT 2018
Skinny Dip Pilot TV Pilot CBS Studios 2018
1973 Feature Film RVW Productions 2018


Cloak & Dagger (Shadows) Season 1 TV Series ABC Signature Studios 2017
Louisiana Caviar Feature Film Caviar Productions 2017
Ruthless Feature Film Independent 2017
Out of Blue Feature Film Double Slit Productions 2017
Green Book Feature Film Universal 2017
Cloak & Dagger (Shadows Pilot) TV Pilot Marvel Television 2017
Cut Throat City Feature Film Rumble Riot Pictures 2017
The Deed Season 2 TV Series Cineflix 2017
The Haunted Pilot TV Pilot SyFy 2017
Sing Like A Star TV Series Quark Entertainment LA 2017
Alex & Me Feature Film Louisiana Premiere Productions 2017
Preacher Season 2 (Klaus) TV Series AMC 2017
Underwater Feature Film Twentieth Century Fox 2017
Deadlier Than The Male TV Pilot TNT 2017
NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 TV Series CBS Television 2017
The Last Laugh Feature Film Netflix 2017
Claws Season 1 TV Series TNT 2017
Assassination Nation Feature Film Independent 2017
Pitbulls & Parolees Season 9 TV Series 44 Blue Productions 2017
The First Season 1 TV Series Hulu 2017
Queen Sugar Season 2 TV Series Harpo Productions 2017
Seal Team (Untitled Seals Pilot) TV Pilot CBS Television 2017
One Mississippi Season 2 TV Episode Amazon 2017


Take Me to the River MOW Independent Film 2016
Happy Death Day (Half to Death) Feature Film Blumhouse Productions 2016
Bad Moms Feature Film Paramount Pictures 2016
Heart Baby Feature Film Round Room Productions 2016
Supercon Feature Film Gold Star Films 2016
Girls Trip Feature Film Universal Pictures 2016
Logan (Juarez) Feature Film Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. 2016
Claws Pilot TV Pilot Delta Blues Productions 2016
Queen Sugar Season 1 TV Series Harpo Productions 2016
Brothers Blood Feature Film Good and Bad Cop 2016
Scream: The TV Series Season 2 TV Series MTV 2016
Pitbulls & Parolees Season 8 TV Series 44 Blue Productions 2016
Cut Off Feature Film Independent 2016
The Muse MOW Independent Film 2016
Mudbound Feature Film Armory Films 2016
Nightwatch Season 3 TV Series 44 Blue Productions 2016
The Beguiled Feature Film Delta Films LLC 2016
NCIS: New Orleans Season 3 TV Series CBS Television 2016
The Deed MOW Cineflix 2016
When We First Met Feature Film Netflix 2016
68 Kill MOW Independent Film 2016
Big Easy Motors TV Series History 2016
Shock and Awe Feature Film Castle Rock Entertainment 2016
Created Equal Feature Film Created Equal Productions 2016
Benji Feature Film Blumhouse Productions 2016
Pure Country Pure Heart Feature Film Warner Bros. 2016
Geostorm Reshoots Feature Film Skydance/Warner Bros. 2016
The Domestics Feature Film TD Productions LLC 2016


The Book of Love Feature Film The Darwin Collective 2015
Scream Queens Season 1 TV Series Brightstar Fox Productions 2015
Pitbulls & Parolees Season 7 TV Series Animal Planet 2015
Invisible Sister (Ghostly Matters) MOW G-Wave Productions 2015
Misconduct (Beyond Deceit) Feature Film Mike and Marty Productions 2015
Nightwatch Season 2 TV Series 44 Blue Productions 2015
Into the Badlands TV Series Stalwart Films 2015
The Big Short Feature Film Plan B Productions 2015
Keanu Feature Film Chime Productions 2015
Carter & June Feature Film Spencer Rabbit LLC 2015
Roots TV Series Roots Productions 2015
Rodeo & Juliet Feature Film Independent 2015
LBJ Feature Film Broad Daylight 2015
NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 TV Series CBS Television 2015
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Feature Film Paramount Pictures 2015
Billionaire Boys Club Feature Film Armory Films 2015
When the Bough Breaks Feature Film Screen Gems 2015
Quarry Season 1 TV Series HBO/Cinemax 2015
Zoo Season 1 TV Series CBS Television 2015
Deepwater Horizon Feature Film Lionsgate/Di Bonaventura 2015
Elvis & Nixon Feature Film HW Productions 2015
Free State of Jones Feature Film Larger Than Life Productions 2015
Chasing Moksha Feature Film Independent 2015


NOLA Circus Feature Film Independent 2014
The D Train Feature Film Ealing Studios 2014
Our Brand is Crisis Feature Film Warner Bros. 2014
Midnight Special Feature Film Warner Bros. 2014
Mississippi Grind Feature Film Sycamore Pictures 2014
Cat Run 2 Feature Film Independent 2014
Get Hard Feature Film Warner Bros. 2014
Jurassic World (Ebb Tide) Feature Film Universal 2014
Terminator Genisys Feature Film Paramount/Skydance 2014
The Best of Me Feature Film Relativity Films 2014
American Ultra Feature Film Likely Story 2014
Pitbulls & Parolees Season 6 TV Series Animal Planet 2014
NCIS: New Orleans (Pilot) TV Pilot CBS 2014
Hot Pursuit (Don’t Mess with Texas) Feature Film Warner Bros. 2014
American Horror Story: Freak Show TV Series Fox 2014
Black Ink: New Orleans TV Series VH1 2014
Saints & Sinners (Pilot) TV Pilot A&E 2014
Geostorm Feature Film Skydance/Warner Bros 2014
Mind Puppets Feature Film Itaca Films 2014
Adam Divine’s House Party New Orleans TV Episode Bacon Bar Productions 2014
The Runner Feature Film Paper Street Films 2014
Trumbo Feature Film Groundswell Productions 2014
The American Project Feature Film Independent 2014
The Whole Truth Feature Film Likely Story 2014
NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 TV Series CBS Television 2014
Banshee TV Episode HBO/Cinemax 2014
Astronaut Wives Club TV Series ABC Television 2014
Man Down Feature Film Mpower Pictures 2014
Mr. Right Feature Film Amezia Productions 2014
10 Cloverfield Lane (Valencia) Feature Film Bad Robot 2014
Nightwatch TV Series A&E 2014
Kidnap Feature Film Relativity Studios 2014
Saints & Sinners TV Series A&E 2014
Daddy’s Home Feature Film Paramount 2014
Abattoir (Crone) Feature Film Radical Studios 2014
The Magicians TV Pilot NBC Universal 2014
Joe Dirt 2 Feature Film Sony/Crackle 2014
Kickboxer Feature Film 2014


Parallels TV Episode KOG Productions 2013
Return to Sender Feature Film Voltage Pictures 2013
Una Vida Feature Film Independent 2013
Grudge Match Feature Film Warner Bros. 2013
True Detective TV Series HBO Entertainment 2013
Remember Sunday MOW Hallmark Channel 2013
Pitbulls & Parolees Season 5 TV Series Animal Planet 2013
Now You See Me Reshoots Feature Film Summit Entertainment 2013
Heat Feature Film Current Entertainment 2013
When The Game Stands Tall Feature Film Mandalay/Sony 2013
The Originals TV Pilot Warner Bros. 2013
Devil’s Due Feature Film Fox 2013
Oxygen TV Pilot CBS Studios 2013
Second Sight TV Pilot CBS Studios 2013
Reckless TV Pilot ABC Studios 2013
American Horror Story: Coven TV Series Ryan Murphy Television 2013
Home Sweet Hell Feature Film Darko Entertainment 2013
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Feature Film MGM/Spyglass 2013
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Feature Film 20th Century Fox 2013
American Heist Feature Film Glacier Films 2013
Occult TV Pilot ABC Studios 2013
Top Chef Season 11 TV Series Bravo 2013
Dermaphoria Feature Film Upload Films 2013
Black or White Feature Film Sunlight Productions 2013
Star-Crossed TV Series CBS Television Studios 2013
Focus Feature Film Warner Bros. 2013
Ravenswood TV Series CBS Studios 2013
Self/less Feature Film Endgame Entertainment 2013
Maggie Feature Film Gold Star Films 2013
22 Jump Street Feature Film Sony 2013
99 Homes Feature Film Noruz Films 2013
Refugio Feature Film Itaca Films 2013
Kidnapping Mr. Heineken Feature Film Informant Films 2013


Now You See Me Feature Film Summit Entertainment 2012
Django Unchained Feature Film Weinstein Company 2012
Ender’s Game Feature Film Summit Entertainment 2012
The Hot Flashes Feature Film Independent 2012
The Expendables 2 Feature Film Millennium Films 2012
Schism Feature Film Independent 2012
Tough Love New Orleans TV Series VH1 2012
The Host Feature Film Chockstone Pictures 2012
The Last Exorcism Part 2 Feature Film Arcade Pictures 2012
Pitbulls and Parolees Season 4 TV Series Animal Planet 2012
Paradise (Lamb of God) Feature Film Independent 2012
Hours Feature Film The Safran Company 2012
This is The End (The Apocalypse) Feature Film Mandate/Sony Pictures 2012
Oblivion Feature Film Universal Pictures 2012
Motel Feature Film Independent 2012
Barefoot Feature Film No Tickets Productions 2012
Hell Baby Feature Film Darko Entertainment 2012
2 Guns Feature Film Emmett/Furla Films 2012
Escape Plan (The Tomb) Feature Film Emmett/Furla Films 2012
Beautiful Creatures Feature Film Warner Bros. & Alcon Ent. 2012
Empire State Feature Film Emmett/Furla Films 2012
Aztec Warrior Feature Film Lionsgate 2012
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Feature Film Fox 2000 Pictures 2012
12 Years a Slave Feature Film Plan B Entertainment 2012
True Blood Season 5 TV Episode HBO 2012
Lee Daniels’ The Butler Feature Film The Weinstein Company 2012
Homefront Feature Film Nu Image/Millennium 2012
OldBoy Feature Film Mandate Pictures 2012
13 Sins (Angry Little God) Feature Film IM Productions 2012
Hateship Loveship Feature Film The Film Community 2012
Treme Season 4 TV Series HBO Entertainment 2012
Boulevard H Feature Film Independent 2012
Elsa & Fred Feature Film Defiant Pictures 2012
Dallas Buyers’ Club Feature Film HW Productions 2012
Random (Kristy) Feature Film Weinstein Company 2012
Ladies’ Man: A Made Movie MOW MTV 2012
The Lookalike Feature Film Independent 2012


Looper Feature Film Endgame Entertainment 2011
Hound Dogs (Pilot) TV Series TBS 2011
Contraband Feature Film Universal Studios 2011
Meeting Evil Feature Film MPCA 2011
Justice for Natalee Holloway MOW Lifetime 2011
Killing Them Softly (Cogan’s Trade) Feature Film Plan B Entertainment 2011
Freelancers Feature Film Emmet/Furla Films, Lionsgate 2011
Wheel of Fortune TV Episode Sony Pictures 2011
Another Dirty Movie Feature Film Flim Flam Films 2011
Stolen (Medallion) Feature Film Millennium Pictures 2011
Lay the Favorite Feature Film Emmet/Furla Films 2011
Memphis Beat Season 2 TV Series TNT 2011
21 Jump Street Feature Film Sony Pictures & MGM Studios 2011
The Loft Feature Film Anonymous Content 2011
Big Easy Brides (Southern Love) TV Series Bischoff Henry Entertainment 2011
Fire With Fire Feature Film Emmett/Furla Films 2011
Woman Thou Art Loosed: On The 7th Day Feature Film Code Black Entertainment 2011
Bullet to the Head (Headshot) Feature Film Warner Bros. 2011
Haunted High School Feature Film Active Entertainment 2011
Ricochet MOW TNT 2011
Repentance (Vipaka) Feature Film Independent 2011
The Paperboy Feature Film Millennium Films 2011
Parker Feature Film Flashfire Productions 2011
Wild Card TV Pilot Fox Television Studios 2011
Hide MOW Turner Films 2011
G.I. Joe: Retaliation Feature Film Paramount Pictures 2011
The Tell-Tale Heart Feature Film Carnivale Productions 2011
The Breakout Kings TV Episode A&E 2011
Common Law TV Series USA Network 2011
Treme Season 3 TV Series HBO 2011
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Feature Film 20th Century Fox 2011
The Campaign (Dog Fight) Feature Film Warner Bros. 2011
Broken City Feature Film Emmett/Furla Films 2011
Hidden World Documentary National Geographic 2011


Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2nd Unit) Feature Film Summit Entertainment 2010
Weapon Feature Film Independent 2010
So Undercover Feature Film Exclusive Media Group (EMG) 2010
Young and the Restless TV Episode CBS 2010
Killer Joe Feature Film Independent 2010
The Lucky One Feature Film Warner Bros 2010
Once Within a Time Feature Film Godfrey Reggio 2010
Worst Prom Ever TV Episode MTV 2010
The Power of Few Feature Film Independent 2010
The Courier Feature Film Films in Motion 2010
Imagination Movers Season 3 TV Series Disney Television 2010
From the Rough Feature Film Horizon Entertainment 2010
On the Road Feature Film MK2 Productions 2010
Colombiana Feature Film Europa Corp 2010
Mighty Fine Feature Film Lionsgate 2010
Brawler Feature Film Mind in Motion Entertainment 2010
The Chaperone Feature Film World Wrestling Entertainment 2010
If God is Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise Documentary Spike Lee for HBO 2010
Little Murder (2nd Unit) Feature Film Independent 2010
Love, Wedding, Marriage Feature Film Voodoo Productions 2010
Inside Out (Killing Karma) Feature Film World Wrestling Entertainment 2010
Texas Killing Fields Feature Film Infinity Media 2010
The Green Lantern Feature Film Warner Bros 2010
Revenge of the Bridesmaids Feature Film ABC Family 2010
Jeff Who Lives at Home Feature Film Jeff Brother Productions 2010
The Colony Season 2 TV Series Discovery 2010
Sunday Best Season 2 TV Series BET 2010
Memphis Beat Season 1 TV Series TNT 2010
Bending the Rules (Chasing the Hawk) Feature Film World Wrestling Entertainment 2010
Treme Season 2 TV Series HBO 2010
Seconds Apart (2nd Unit) Feature Film After Dark Films 2010
The Real World Season 24 “Back to New Orleans” TV Series MTV 2010
RED (2nd Unit) Feature Film Summit Entertainment 2010
A Little Bit of Heaven (Earthbound) Feature Film Millennium Entertainment 2010
That’s What I am (Big Red) Feature Film World Wrestling Entertainment 2010


Midnight Bayou Feature Film Independent 2009
Wolverine (2nd Unit) Feature Film Twentieth Century Fox 2009
The Road Feature Film Dimension Films 2009
Live! with Regis and Kelly TV Episode ABC 2009
Delta Blues TV Pilot Warner Bros. 2009
Beauty & The Briefcase MOW ABC Family 2009
Pregnancy Pact MOW Lifetime Television Network 2009
Seeking Justice (Hungry Rabbit Jumps) Feature Film Endgame Entertainment 2009
The Mortician Feature Film Full Circle Films 2009
Legendary (Brother’s Keeper) Feature Film World Wrestling Entertainment 2009
Knucklehead Feature Film World Wrestling Entertainment 2009
The Mechanic Feature Film Millennium Films 2009
The Somnambulist Feature Film LightWave Entertainment 2009
Snatched Feature Film Flim Flam Productions 2009
Imagination Movers Season 2 TV Series Walt Disney Productions 2009
Father of Invention Feature Film Horizon Entertainment 2009
The Expendables Feature Film Millennium Films 2009
The Virginity Hit Feature Film Independent 2009
Jonah Hex Feature Film Warner Bros 2009
The Last Exorcism (Cotton) Feature Film Strike Entertainment 2009
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night Feature Film Hyde Park Films 2009
Leonie Feature Film Crescent City Pictures 2009
Treme (Pilot) TV Pilot HBO 2009
Welcome to the Rileys Feature Film Scott Free Productions 2009
Night of the Demons Feature Film Seven Arts Pictures 2009
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Feature Film Nu Image Films 2009
Treme Season 1 TV Series HBO 2009


My Own Love Song Feature Film Cinemation 2008
Sinners and Saints Feature Film Sordid Productions 2008
13: Fear Is Real TV Series CW 2008
Iron Ring TV Series BET 2008
12 Rounds Feature Film WWE Films (Fox Atomic) 2008
Who Do You Love (Chess) Feature Film Independent 2008
The Final Destination Feature Film New Line Cinema 2008
The Family that Preys Feature Film The Tyler Perry Company 2008
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant Feature Film Universal Pictures 2008
The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice MOW TNT 2008
Robosapien: Rebooted Feature Film Crystal Sky Pictures 2008
Mardi Gras: Spring Break Feature Film Sony Screen Gems 2008
I Love You Phillip Morris Feature Film Mad Chance 2008
Hurricane Season (Patriots) Feature Film The Weinstein Company 2008
Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal MOW Lifetime Movie Network 2008
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! MOW Dakota Films 2008


Live! with Regis and Kelly TV Series ABC 2007
A Whole New Orleans TV Series Pet Bird Entertainment 2007
Bolden Feature Film Song Melee 2007
Rivard Feature Film Wonderland Films 2007
The Pool Boys (American Summer) Feature Film Voodoo/FlipZide 2007
Black Water Transit Feature Film Capitol Films 2007
College Feature Film Element Films (MGM) 2007
Imagination Movers Season 1 TV Series Disney Channel 2007
In the Electric Mist Feature Film Little Bear/TF1 International 2007
K-Ville TV Series 20th Century Fox Television 2007
Meet the Spartans Feature Film 20th Century Fox 2007
Racing for Time MOW Von Zerneck Sertner Films 2007
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Feature Film Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros. 2007
The Reaping Feature Film Warner Bros 2007
Waking Madison Feature Film Fixed Point Films 2007
Welcome to Academia Feature Film Independent 2007
The Yellow Handkerchief Feature Film Arthur Cohn Productions 2007


Bug Feature Film Lions Gate Films 2006
Deja Vu Feature Film Touchstone Pictures 2006
Hatchet Feature Film Anchor Bay Entertainment 2006
Solstice Feature Film Endgame Entertainment 2006
Pride Feature Film Lionsgate 2006
The Riches (aka Low Life) TV Series Maverick Films 2006
Life is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story MOW Lifetime Television 2006
When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in 4 Acts Documentary HBO 2006
A Perfect Day MOW TNT 2006
Hello Sister, Goodbye Life MOW ABC Family 2006


The Skeleton Key Feature Film Independent 2005
Failure to Launch Feature Film Paramount 2005
Just My Luck Feature Film New Regency/20th Century Fox 2005
Big Momma’s House 2 Feature Film Twentieth Century Fox 2005
The Last Time Feature Film Element Films - Sony Pictures 2005
Elvis MOW CBS Television 2005
Flakes Feature Film IFC Films 2005
Deal Feature Film Seven Arts Pictures (MGM) 2005
Vampire Bats MOW CBS Television 2005
For One Night MOW Lifetime Movie Network 2005
Faith of My Fathers MOW A&E Television Networks 2005


Waiting… Feature Film Lionsgate 2004
All the King’s Men Feature Film Columbia Pictures 2004
The Dukes of Hazzard Feature Film Warner Bros. Pictures 2004
Last Holiday Feature Film Paramount 2004
Glory Road Feature Film Walt Disney Productions 2004
Odd Girl Out MOW Lifetime 2004
Frankenstein MOW USA 2004
Miracle Run (The Unexpected Journey) MOW Lifetime 2004
The Brooke Ellison Story MOW A&E 2004
Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers MOW ABC 2004
The Dead Will Tell MOW CBS 2004
Now You See It… MOW Disney Channel 2004
Stuck in the Suburbs MOW Disney Channel 2004


Ray Feature Film Universal 2003
Runaway Jury Feature Film New Regency 2003
A Love Song for Bobby Long Feature Film Lions Gate 2003


Crossroads Feature Film MTV Films/ Paramount 2002
Sonny Feature Film Gold Circle Films/Saturn 2002
The Badge Feature Film Lionsgate 2002


Monster’s Ball Feature Film Lionsgate 2001
Tempted Feature Film TF1 International 2001
Dracula 2000 Feature Film Dimension 2001


The Real World Season 9 TV Series MTV Networks 2000


Double Jeopardy Feature Film Paramount Pictures 1999
Crazy in Alabama Feature Film Sony Pictures/Columbia TriStar 1999
Primary Colors Feature Film Universal Pictures 1999


Lolita Feature Film The Samuel Goldwyn Company 1997


The Big Easy TV Series USA Network 1996
Albino Alligator Feature Film Miramax Films 1996
Dead Man Walking Feature Film Gramercy Pictures 1996


Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh Feature Film Propaganda Films 1995


Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles Feature Film Warner Bros. Pictures 1994
The Client Feature Film Warner Bros. Pictures 1994
Exit to Eden Feature Film Savoy Pictures 1994


Hard Target Feature Film Universal Pictures 1993
Undercover Blues Feature Film MGM 1993
Father Hood Feature Film Hollywood Pictures 1993
The Pelican Brief Feature Film Warner Bros. Pictures 1993
Point of No Return Feature Film Warner Bros. Pictures 1993


Storyville Feature Film Davis Entertainment 1992
The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag Feature Film Touchstone Pictures 1992


JFK Feature Film Warner Bros. Pictures 1991
Zandalee Feature Film Electric Pictures 1991


Miller’s Crossing Feature Film Twentieth Century Fox 1990
Wild at Heart Feature Film The Samuel Goldwyn Company 1990


Going Overboard Feature Film Trimark Pictures 1989
Blaze Feature Film Touchstone Pictures 1989
Johnny Handsome Feature Film Columbia TriStar 1989


Angel Heart Feature Film Carolco Pictures/TriStar Pictures 1987
The Big Easy Feature Film Kings Road Entertainment 1987


No Mercy Feature Film TriStar Pictures 1986
Down By Law Feature Film Island Pictures 1986


Tightrope Feature Film Warner Bros. Pictures 1984


Cat People Feature Film Universal Pictures 1982


The Beyond Feature Film Fulvia Films 1981


Pretty Baby Feature Film Paramount Pictures 1978
Child of Glass MOW Walt Disney Productions 1978
Obsession Feature Film Columbia Pictures 1978


The Drowning Pool Feature Film Warner Bros. Pictures 1975


Hard Times Feature Film Columbia Pictures 1974


Live and Let Die Feature Film United Artists 1973


The Family Feature Film Universal Pictures France 1970


Easy Rider Feature Film Columbia Pictures 1969
Number One Feature Film United Artists 1969
The Cincinnati Kid Feature Film MGM 1969


Walk on the Wild Side Feature Film Columbia Pictures 1962


King Creole Feature Film Paramount Pictures 1959


A Streetcar Named Desire Feature Film Warner Bros. Pictures 1951


Panic in the Streets Feature Film Twentieth Century Fox 1950


New Orleans Feature Film United Artists 1947


The Buccaneer Feature Film Paramount Pictures 1938