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Training & Education

NOVAC (The New Orleans Video Access Center)

NOVAC’S mission is to cultivate a sustainable film community by providing access to resources, education and locally generated content. NOVAC accomplishes this mission through training, career development, community outreach, independent productions, and special events.  Current NOVAC members receive special pricing on all educational seminars, panels, and Apple Authorized classes.

Also an Apple Authorized Training Center, NOVAC provides expert certified training and certification opportunities to businesses and individuals in Apple Pro Applications.  NOVAC’s prices are competitive, providing their services at one of the lowest rates in the country.

NOVAC also offers affordable equipment rental for current members of their organization. View the list of available equipment.

Learn more about NOVAC opportunities at, by calling 504.940.5780, or emailing [email protected].

Tulane University Digital Media Production Program

The mission of the undergraduate major in Digital Media Production is to educate students in the art, craft, and technology of film, television, video, animation and sound production. The program offers intensive, hands-on production experience, coupled with a broad exposure to the liberal arts. Our goals and objectives include the development of individual talent and skills within a collaborative working environment. Students are encouraged to become creative and thoughtful practitioners in the world of media. A strong internship program offers a wide range of options for pre-professional experience.  The university and local theaters and film festivals provide exciting venues for the presentation and promotion of student work.

A summer program in the Contemporary Film Industry immerses students in the business and practice of filmmaking both regionally and in Hollywood and includes a trip to Los Angeles.  It takes advantage of the large number of Tulane alumni who have risen to a high level of success in film and music including studio executives, producers, directors, writers, show runners, actors, animators, agents, composers, cinematographers and editors.

For more information, schedule a campus tour, look for us online, or email [email protected]

University of New Orleans Film Arts Program

The goal of UNO Film Arts Program is to train the independent filmmaker to give their students the best chance of success in the technical and competitive profession of filmmaking. UNO has one of the most technically advanced film programs in the country. It includes a motion capture facility and state-of-the-art digital post-production editing and audio suites. Students have the opportunity to explore the full range of the communication arts, from high-tech digital animation to documentary and dramatic film production and live performance.

The Undergraduate Program is founded on a liberal arts education terminating in a 120 credit-hour baccalaureate degree.

The Masters Program is an accredited, terminal, 60-hour MFA.

Learn more about the UNO Film Arts Program online or by calling 504.280.6317