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Alyson Gray

Alyson Gray

1216 Bartholomew St.
New Orleans, LA 70117

Phone: 206-474-6565
Email: [email protected]

My experience includes a variety of projects & positions in the fashion, retail and costume design industries. I currently work as a store manager and accessory designer for Alquimie Studio in the French Quarter, and create knitwear and textiles for my company, Wildleaf Design. In March 2018, I was hired as the costume/set designer for the play “Joan of Arc: The Transgression” produced by Francophilia Foundation at The New Orleans Art Center. I became immersed in the role, creating custom garments, set dressing, and shopping/styling the actors costumes. I would love to expand upon this experience in the film industry.


    • Credit: Joan of Arc The Transgression
    • Type: Select Credit Type
    • Position: Costume Designer