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Furniture Rentals & Sales

Draperies by Leila

Leila Cabrera

8909 Jefferson Hwy
River Ridge, LA 70123

Phone: 5047382760
Cell: 5044531337
Email: [email protected]

Draperies by Leila has been in business for 30 years serving all of Louisiana. We are full service manufacturer of custom drapes, bedspreads,furniture,Reupholster,and interior props. We have worked with the Television and film industry for over 10 years.

Special Skills & Experience:
30 years in the Interior design and manufacturing business.
10 Years experience working with set decorators and drapers in the Television and Film industry.
Ability to turn a project from concept to design in less than week if needed.
We have 3500 square foot workroom dedicated to interior design and manufacturing for sets.
Can build custom furniture or Reupholster for sets.


    • Credit: NCIS
    • Type: Television Series
    • Credit: Preacher
    • Type: Television Series
    • Credit: Shadow
    • Type: Television Series
    • Credit: Dont Mess with Texas
    • Type: Feature
    • Credit: Tell me your Secret
    • Type: Television Series

Driscoll Antiques Restoration & Design

Production Services: Furniture Rentals & Sales.
Support Services: Warehouse.

Ralph Driscoll

8500 Oak St
New Orleans, LA 70118

Phone: 504.866.7795
Email: [email protected]

Antique and heirloom furniture and props for sale; repair/restoration of damaged props; location rental


    • Credit: The Preservationists
    • Type: Documentary

Friends of the New Orleans Public Library

Production Services: Furniture Rentals & Sales and Prop Design, Rentals & Sales.
Support Services: Non-Profit Partners.

Dixon Stetler

219 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: 504.596.2587
Cell: 910.520.4546
Email: [email protected]

Lots of Books! Friends of the New Orleans Public Library has books available for use as props. We have a wide variety of antique books and book sets as well as hard back coffee table books, children’s books and soft back books. We are a non-profit and proceeds support NOPL library programming.

Tara Shaw

Food & Lodging : Accommodations: Private Homes.
Production Services: Furniture Rentals & Sales.

Tara Shaw

6030 Chestnut Street
New Orleans, LA 70118

Phone: 504.525.1131
Cell: 504.957.7172
Email: [email protected]

Tara Shaw is a designer and antique seller/reproducer in the Greater New Orleans area. Her stunning home is the perfect backdrop for any scene. Her home is available for set use. Available for shooting.