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Literary Agent / Agency

King Watts Talent Agency

Bunny Watts-Burroughs

1615 Poydras St Suite 900
New Orleans , LA 70112

Phone: 504.399.8100
Cell: 251.654.5100
Email: [email protected]

New Talent Agency/ Founder:
Bernadette ‘Bunny’ Burroughs is a Gulf Coast native who has worked behind the scenes in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. She started in Atlanta, Ga in the late 90’s as a model and makeup artist.
In addition, having over two decades of experience as a registered nurse has allowed her to transition to working as a SetMedic while her background in real estate has allowed her to work as a Location Scout.

Embarking on her love for the entertainment industry, Bunny founded King Watts Talent Agency where she has managed multiple talents for over a decade.

She is driven by her Christian faith and feels a calling to help others achieve their dreams with all things, especially focusing on their talent and work in the film and television industry.