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Lighthouse Notary Services

Charles P. Tolliver II

7809 Airline Drive, Suite 201
Metairie, LA 70003

Phone: 504.298.3627
Cell: 504.906.4471
Fax: 504.298.3627
Email: [email protected]

In Louisiana, the Notary is given broad and far-reaching powers to draft and execute many different types of instruments having legal effect. Notaries in Louisiana are authorized to make inventories, appraisements, partitions, wills, protests, matrimonial contracts, conveyances, and, generally, all contracts and instruments in writing. The Notary is also empowered to execute Authentic Acts and receive Acknowledgements of Acts Under Private Signature.

O’Bryon & Schnabel, PLC

Andrew C. Abrams

1010 Common St., Ste. 1950
New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: 504.799.4200
Cell: 504.383.3301
Email: [email protected]

We represent iconic Louisiana artists/musicians including: Professor Longhair; Earl King; James Booker; etc. We also represent music publishing companies and record labels including as White Cliffs Publishing Co., Inc. maintaining control of catalogs of over 1,000 classic/contemporary recordings that can be specifically tailored to your needs.

Roth Legal

Murray Roth, Esq.

179 Highway 22 East, Ste. 400
Madisonville, LA 70447

Phone: 504-453-1790
Email: [email protected]

Murray Roth is an Entertainment Attorney providing specialized legal services to independent film producers, writers, actors, crew, and all others operating in the motion picture industry in the New Orleans area and other parts of Louisiana. He is experienced in copyright matters and other ‘chain of title’ protections, production contracts and review, applications for the Louisiana Motion Picture Tax Credits, and serving as Production Counsel. He is also very knowledgeable and experienced in the distribution aspects of independent film production, television and foreign sales.


    • Credit: You Might Be The Killer
    • Type: Feature
    • Position: Production Counsel
    • Credit: Lost Bayou
    • Type: Feature
    • Position: Production Counsel
    • Credit: Nightmare Shark
    • Type: Movie of the Week
    • Position: Production Counsel
    • Credit: End Trip
    • Type: Feature
    • Position: Production Counsel
    • Credit: Bad Stepmother
    • Type: Movie of the Week
    • Position: Production Counsel