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Workshops / Education

Abrielle Armant

Support Services: Child Care and Workshops / Education.

Abrielle Armant

4933 Meadowbank St.
New Orleans, LA 70128

Phone: (504)250-655
Cell: (504)250-655
Email: [email protected]

I am a certified elementary school teacher with 9+ years experience. I have taught most ages including high school students.

Adams St. Cultural Development Center

Anna Morgan

1801 Adams St.
New Orleans, LA 70118

Phone: 504.236.7007
Cell: 504.236.7007
Fax: 504.355.8299
Email: [email protected]

Adams St. CDC, a 1500sq. ft. a non profit facility, used for all types of events. A great place for party scenes or to facilitate filming crews or Stars. Located across the street from Carrollton Cemetary. (see website).

Sabrina D. Marsh

Sabrina D. Marsh

7216 Oakpoint Drive
Slidell, LA 70460

Phone: 504-270-6069
Cell: 504-270-6069
Email: [email protected]

I am a state certified teacher with 24 yrs of experience. I am licensed to teach children from PK – 8 grade (ages 4-13) and I have experience at all levels.

SMART Tours of New Orleans LLC

Michael Batterman

1821 Delachaise St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

Phone: 504 896-9072
Cell: 504 256-9540
Email: [email protected]

Historians / Expert tour guides / consultants on local history, cultural heritage, and physical environment of New Orleans. Can lead tours, give presentations, address knowledge gaps, and provide expertise on the local scene.

Steven Brown

Steven Brown

3701 Huntlee Dr
New Orleans, LA 70131

Phone: 504-858-9364
Cell: 504-858-9364
Email: [email protected]

Independent contractor/ educator with Type A (Lifetime) teaching certifications in Louisiana. More than twenty years experience in teaching as well as educational management and administration. Much of my career has been focused on individualized and creative instruction for students with a variety of special learning needs; much experience working with gifted and talented youth. Specialize in instruction provided via alternative settings; very flexible and adaptive.


    • Credit: First Hulu
    • Type: Television Series
    • Position: Studio Teacher
    • Credit: MetroVision
    • Type: Select Credit Type
    • Position: Educational Coordinator

Who Dat Steppers of New Orleans, LA, LLC

Oz (The Dance Doctor) Cooper

1563 N. Dorgenois St.
New Orleans, Lo 70119

Phone: 775-224-2174
Cell: 775-224-2174
Fax: 504-298-6197
Email: [email protected]

We teach, promote, document and preserve urban swing dance as a means of encouraging a healthy life style, that’s therapeutic, restores the social construct of community, returns civility and the spirit of goodwill (Ethos), towards all of humanity; one beat, one step, one song, one dance, one community at a time. We do it for love!!!